Thursday, July 26, 2012

Print a SalesInvoice, PackingSlip or similar report to PDF in AX 2012

Printing a report in PDF in AX 2012 is pretty simple, but SalesInvoice report, or packing slip and similar seems not to work with the standard way.

That's because even if you pass printSettings parameters those are overriden by the controller class.

In AX 2009 there was a useful method called LockDestinationProperties in printSettings parameters that solve this problem, but this is gone in AX 2012.

So, If you want to reenable this feature, you have to do this:

Open the class SrsPrintMgmtFormLetterController and change those methods:

 void public abstract class SrsPrintMgmtFormLetterController extends SrsPrintMgmtController
    FormLetterReport formLetterReport;

    // Begin - Modify by lmattiuz on 27/06/2012
    boolean DEVLockDestinationProperties;
    SRSPrintDestinationSettings DEVfixedprintSettings;
    // End - Modify by lmattiuz

// Begin - Modify by lmattiuz on 27/06/2012 - Project: 120301_DevopmentTools_DEV
public Boolean DEVparmLockDestinationProperties(Boolean _DEVLockDestinationProperties = DEVLockDestinationProperties)
    DEVLockDestinationProperties = _DEVLockDestinationProperties;

    return DEVLockDestinationProperties;

protected void outputReport()
    // Begin - Modify by lmattiuz on 27/06/2012 - Project: 120301_DevopmentTools_DEV
    // Description:
    // End - Modify by lmattiuz

    // execute report.

public SysOperationStartResult startOperation()
    // Begin - Modify by lmattiuz on 27/06/2012 - Project: lmat_120301_DevopmentTools_DEV
    // Description:
        DEVfixedprintSettings = this.parmReportContract().parmPrintSettings();
    // End - Modify by lmattiuz


    return super();

Then you can print reports in PDF as you usually do:

 protected void printReportPdf(Common _record)
    args args = new args();
    CustInvoiceJour custInvoiceJour = _record;
    SRSPrintDestinationSettings printSettings;
    SalesInvoiceController controller = new SalesInvoiceController();


    pdfPath = WinAPI::getTempPath() + custInvoiceJour.InvoiceId + ".pdf";

    // imposta nome report
    controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(SalesInvoice, Report));

    // get print settings from contract
    printSettings = controller.parmReportContract().parmPrintSettings();

    // set print medium

    // forzo che non vengano cambiati i parametri di stampa che gli passo io

    // suppress the parameter dialog

    // start operation


Anonymous said...

Excellent information however I’d like to let you know that I think there is problem with your RSS feeds as they seem to not be working for me. May be just me but I thought overall I would cite it.

Ludovico Mattiuzzo said...

Mmh seems working for me..

Are you using Atom or RSS 2.0?

This link is tested

Yered Castro said...

Thanks for you help, I have still job!

Unknown said...


Is this a complete solution?
Because i have some problems...

When i click the button i added to the list page in EP i only get a blank page(I use IE). I try to run a job in AX 2012 where i Call EPDocuGet::DWPrintInvoicePdf(CustInvoiceJour, "\\\\space\\felles\\SalesInvoiceReport\\test.pdf") but i get an error.

there are some folders created in the Directory, but no pdf-files. what Method is responsible for creating the pdf, and what Method is responsible for showing it in EP?

best regards

nzrysldg said...

excellent solution!! Thank you very much ;)